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First, a bit of a sluggish dog report. I haven't posted anything to my DA/FA account in a long time yet I'm really backed up with scanning and posting. New stuff will appear "shortly". I am blogging on my Junk Blog more frequently again. (Avg. 2 a week.) I also photographed my next collection.

Smile darn ya smile. For those of you that partake in the Sunday Funday furry entertainment thingy, I have been supplying Romeo Rabbit with new or first time heard in 13 years reruns of Radiolawn. I'm going to continue hopefully this year and next. Oh yeah, and I'll get back to doing the Radiolawn site. I'm always ahead by a few rather than posting the day after they air.

Next thing is, than goodness for the time I'm suddenly getting back by doing away with a few things. Trying to pay more attention to these "hobbies" by doing something that when it's done, I say "wow, I finally did that..." Lots to check off.

That is all. Go Cavs. Go Penguins. -Ric

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