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Joy To the world. All things beer are here. Yes, I guess there are ways to take all my posts from the previous journal and place them over here, but heck, why should I care. Places come and go. That place gave me a lot of fun for a lot of years. I can see why this was created, when the other place was sold off aand the new owners were not of our land. By that time many fuzzies left in droves. Good to see a lot of you came over here.

I'm a creature of habit and I fear change. I was staying on the old place until something happened. As of a few days ago, when I tried to log in and post about worthless whatever, did I decide it was done. I just couldn't say okay to new terms governed by laws not from the good Ol' USA.

Therefore, I don't even think I can transfer those old posts without logging in, which means, quoting Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank, "I'm out."

In the next few weeks I hope that more mutual friends, old and new will make this a place to visit with fuzzies again. Yeah, my FA account seems like a good place, but it seems cold and sterile compared with the old place. Hopefully, this will be the new.

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