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2017-05-19 11:53 pm

All Day And All Of The Night

First, a bit of a sluggish dog report. I haven't posted anything to my DA/FA account in a long time yet I'm really backed up with scanning and posting. New stuff will appear "shortly". I am blogging on my Junk Blog more frequently again. (Avg. 2 a week.) I also photographed my next collection.

Smile darn ya smile. For those of you that partake in the Sunday Funday furry entertainment thingy, I have been supplying Romeo Rabbit with new or first time heard in 13 years reruns of Radiolawn. I'm going to continue hopefully this year and next. Oh yeah, and I'll get back to doing the Radiolawn site. I'm always ahead by a few rather than posting the day after they air.

Next thing is, than goodness for the time I'm suddenly getting back by doing away with a few things. Trying to pay more attention to these "hobbies" by doing something that when it's done, I say "wow, I finally did that..." Lots to check off.

That is all. Go Cavs. Go Penguins. -Ric
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2017-04-26 04:31 am

Divorce Death

I don't know how to feel as of yet. My father passed away this past weekend at 75. I haven't seen him in 40 years. I'm backing my brother's play by attending his wake today. My brother had known him for five more years than myself. He tried to get in touch with us about 10 years ago, after my brother reached out. Nothing came of it. Back my brothers play. He's going to the wake today and I'm going as well.

I can say that my father never knew what we became. Dr. Laura called divorced men with young kids "sperm donors" because they were never there as we grew up. I didn't care about her preaching righteousness because she had been a little nasty before being " born again". But the "sperm donor" words hit home. In a way, it made me bitter, but reflecting on it, I didn't know him. I had more of a feeling when the second man my mom married and divorced passed. I knew him a little better.

I honestly don't remember anything about my dad except that he moved out and maybe we'd go visit him every week. He could have helped much more if he provided child support. My mom actually had him jailed for a few days because he was not paying. A few years later my mom met another man and he took up helping a little, but mom kept her career. I never loved my "stepfather" but I respected him. My Mom is only the true champion of my youth. She put herself through one of the toughest nursing schools in the country to make sure we had something to grow up for. I'm extremely proud of mom's achievements. All I remember about my dad is he sold cars and loved the Beatles. (I guess that's a little footnote that makes me remember him...since I was in sales for a few years....)

I love my mom. She IS my mom AND dad. She's the reason I am what I am. Popeye be damned. :) (Yes, she used to sing that to us to make us eat our spinach.)

Arf. -Ric

POST/Update 9:15P-- After going to the service and meeting the other two kids from my dad's second marriage, I learned that he was very bitter and short and shut out even his sister who just sent a recorded word about hoping he now has peace. Still, all the grief his step son experienced, all alone, even once a few years back about going against my dad's wishes in order to save his life, well.... Maybe I have a bit different opinion now, but I never got to say that to him, neither did his sister.
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2017-04-19 11:40 pm

I could have called this Ricochet's Blog, but I liked the Bergandsheepy...

Joy To the world. All things beer are here. Yes, I guess there are ways to take all my posts from the previous journal and place them over here, but heck, why should I care. Places come and go. That place gave me a lot of fun for a lot of years. I can see why this was created, when the other place was sold off aand the new owners were not of our land. By that time many fuzzies left in droves. Good to see a lot of you came over here.

I'm a creature of habit and I fear change. I was staying on the old place until something happened. As of a few days ago, when I tried to log in and post about worthless whatever, did I decide it was done. I just couldn't say okay to new terms governed by laws not from the good Ol' USA.

Therefore, I don't even think I can transfer those old posts without logging in, which means, quoting Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank, "I'm out."

In the next few weeks I hope that more mutual friends, old and new will make this a place to visit with fuzzies again. Yeah, my FA account seems like a good place, but it seems cold and sterile compared with the old place. Hopefully, this will be the new.
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2017-04-18 01:33 am

Well Cuz

Not even a goodbye page on LJ. Here I am to the new place. Gonna try to get the old, but who cares. New is good.